Three main branches characterize the LFM:

1. Life of Faith Center Church (LFCC) is a local church, which has the assignment of teaching the congregation how to live a victorious life by applying God’s principles in their daily life. The mission is to awaken people to discover what yet they can be and the potential that is yet to be exposed, taped, released, and employed. The church teaches faith as it is written, ”The just shall live by faith”. Believers must renew their mind with the Word of God.

2. LFM – Tyrannus Center is a ministry orientated in the teaching of the Word of God through conferences and seminars, video and audio tapes every place where the opportunity is available. The ministry must provide a tool for work to missionaries, to churches and servants of God.

3. LFM – Gilgal Center At Gilgal the manna stopped. The Israelites have to trust God to bless the work of their hand. It was a call for a life of faith. Gilgal Center is a ministry, which promotes the social side of the people, facilitates an environment for Social Integration for people, homeless children and orphans. To achieve that LFM-Gilgal will motivate children to acquaint with lifelong skills by apprenticeship. This ministry will play a vital role in the third world.


Our Logo & its meaning

Life of FaithEagle represents the majesty and the strength of those who trust in the Lord Jesus; they renew their strength and they mount up like eagles. Be a doer of the Word will promote the believer to dominate his business matter as the eagle dominates its opponents by a quick fly, its penetrating eyes and power.

The World LFM must reach everybody. There is no restriction because of the language or the color of the skin. The Word has no limitation and promotes whoever puts it into practice.