Our Church

Welcome to Life of Faith Ministries

“Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skilfully teaching] the Word of Truth. 2 Timothy 2: 15.”

Applying the word of God in our daily life is the basis by which we live and we are delightful to welcome you to our website with these words. We pray that God purpose for your life will be unravelled and made plain for you to walk in it. We value the opportunity you give us to sustain you and those who are dear to you in prayer before God, and we decree that the Lord Jesus keeps you whole in His love.

We extend our invitation to you to join us in our vibrant worship on Sunday morning at 10.30 am, on Wednesday for prayer and teaching at 7.30 pm, and on Friday at our School of Prayer for those who dare to experience deeper relationship with the Lord.

Be lifted up and blessed!


We are called:
To teach the Word of God in a practical way.

To show believers how to apply the word of God in their everyday lives, in order to overcome personal obstacles and limitations.
We are to instruct and coach believers to achieve their best.
Execute our God-given abilities, talents, and gifts in all areas of our lives.
Live by faith and pursue peace and righteousness.
Expound the belief of the New Creation Realities in the believer’s life.


Our mission is to reach ordinary people and help them to walk and live a Christian life through coaching, counseling, teaching and association with other Christian’s families. God designed all people for fellowship with Him and He desires all people to come into a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

We believe that Christian success, peace and health are based on how deep and dependent believers are in God.


To live up to our true potential
To practice what we preach
To be completely reliant on God
To embrace the Word of God as first and final authority in every area of our lives
To live a life of prayer and strict obedience to the Holy Spirits direction


One on one Evangelism
Welcome new comers to the city and provide practical help for their transition
Help migrant families to integrate in Canadian society and engage them in worship
Giving testimonies about what God has done in our lives
Promote and participate in social causes
Engage in special events, crusades, conventions, healing ministry and special day of prayer